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Top quality tents structures for events, weddings, movie sets, and disaster relief.

Proven quality

Flexible & durable space solutions

Fast assembly

 Ready for 115 mile winds, structural tents

Certified production process


Flooring Designs

Our flooring designs are fully customizable and used for a wide variety of occasions. They can add more space to the event by covering pools, fountains, gardens, and even hillsides. Stages, raised seating, bridges, and dance floors are just a few ways our clients use our flooring.

Tents by Design

We have a wide range of highly adaptable structures that are perfectly suited for events of all kinds. We are confident that we can always provide you with the best possible solution. We design tent systems nationwide.


Power by Design

Keep your events running smoothly by making sure your have backup power during unexpected outages.

We got you covered with generators as well as air conditioning and heating equipment at your convenience.

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